Origins and Mission

The company Valentini Utensili was founded more than 40 years ago

The company Valentini Utensili was founded more than 40 years ago according to its founder’s business vision. The beginning of the company’s activity was full of good ideas that were supported by both the experience and the desire to risk in a little basement in Lendinara.

Attention to quality and details of products are at the core of our business strategy, these values led the company Valentini Utensili Speciali during its constant development from the first apprentice to be hired to the company’s current organization counting more than 80 employees.

Our journey was never easy as the company undertook many challenges over the years: from investments in purchasing equipment and infrastructures that were exclusively financed by company profits, to the global economic crisis striking the market in 2008.

The synergy between Ugo, Diego, Stefania and all of their partners proved to be the strategic recipe. The values of reliability and sacrifice, the ability to listen and share both negative and positive results are the cornerstones of the company vision, allowing it to overcome adversities and difficult times.

Our work would have never been possible without sharing our mission and efforts with all of our commercial partners.

Thanks to our customers and suppliers, Valentini Utensili Speciali has now become a strong and well-established company. They always believed in our work, they supported the company going through important moments and taking the best development strategies and choices for the future. Such collaboration was essential to create and guarantee a mutual and long-lasting satisfaction.